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RETRO REVIEW: Persona 4 The Animation

Back from 2011 once again for another retro review. The famous PSP/PS2 franchise gets its own anime adaptation and proves to worm its way into this reviewer’s spectrum. A must-see.



ADULTS ONLY. Masako delves into the world of XXX anime thanks to a ‘present’ from Benzaie back in 2011. This present being a hentai; and not a good one. The infamous movie Battle Can Can.


Battle Can Can

Distributed by
Kitty Media/Media Blasters

Produced in

Raiders of Galaxy [2011]

After so many shoddy anime-esque Korean knockoffs, Josephi Lai and friends…decided to do more. Witness more hilariously bad ‘action’ in the even more obscure ‘Raiders of Galaxy’. Doesn’t he know how to use the word ‘the’?

Originally premiered on March 12th 2011.

GOSICK [2011]

Case Closed in 1920s Western Europe. With detective skills that would put Sherlock Holmes to shame, our duo solve all kinds of mysteries.

Originally premiered on March 5th 2011.

Yumekui Merry [2011]

One day, Yumeji found out he had the power to look into peoples’ dreams. Then he comes across a powerful entity from said dreams which just so happens to resemble a tweenage girl…how convenient.

Originally premiered on February 26th 2011.