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Bad Fanfiction Theatre: The Night Before Christmas – Naruto Style!

Guest starring Faulerro!

Inspired by the works of BennettTheSage, Anifile has a brand new show entitled Bad Fanfiction Theatre. Join Mr Gamington-Smythe as he dramatically reads the finest fanfiction the internet has to offer. Today, it’s the night before Christmas in Konoha and Santa is about to cut some Buddhists. Will he get his way or will Naruto and his friends save Christmas?

Original Fanfic: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/5611505/1/Twas-the-Night-Before-Xmas

Sketches drawn by http://www.youtube.com/FrobmanAKATillman

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Lootcrate: November 2014 Unboxing – BATTLE!

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Today we are preparing for BATTLE! Or just opening a box with neat stuff in it…then I BATTLE!

Momo Kyun Sword

With anime originating in Japan, it’s natural that we’re going to get a lot of shows dedicated to the history and legends of said country. In this case, we are delving into a very “interesting” interpretation of the legend of Momotaro – the boy born from a peach which is steeped in Japanese culture. The “interesting” part comes in the very loose amendments they made to make this tale a little more accessible for anime audiences…especially male members. Momo Kyun Sword is the result and the only part of it that’s even remotely heavy or substantial is the chest of the leading lady.


The story itself is simple to grasp. Evil demons are sent from the pits of hell to retrieve the mystical fragments of the Mimichi Peach which are scattered over Japan. Whoever gathers all the pieces rules over the land with a magical fist. Unbeknownst to the demons is the existence of a powerful girl named Momoko who was born from a peach which had floated downstream and raised by a farming couple. Note the difference in name, it’s different to the legend. In this show, the writers from Kibidango Project decided to change the name and gender to more fit an anime story. Most of the fundamentals from the folklore have remained the same in that Momoko befriends a monkey, a wolf and a pheasant as faithful companions and aides in her fight against evil oni [Japanese demons]. That’s where the similarities end. The rest of the story consists of magical girl tropes in fighting monsters every episode, an archnemesis of Momoko’s showing up [in this case named Onihime, get it? ONI instead Orihime. Brilliant.], revealing transformation sequences and drama up the ying-yang. Another addition is the inclusion of four heavenly angels named the Celestial Maiden Squad to act as help/comedy relief. This sounds a little thread-bare and you’d be right for thinking that. Momo Kyun Sword has to resort to questionable tactics to keep audiences watching and it’s bordering on the petty in this reviewer’s opinion.

momo_2The above image just about sums up the purpose of the show for most. It’s to showcase the “peachy” pair that Momoko possesses. Even the narration claims that Momoko, who was born from a peach, “grew lovely peaches of her own!”. Within fifty six seconds we are greeted to them. Not even a minute in and the directors are playing the booby card. Great. They’re not just ample, they’re peachy with a constant sheen akin to the fruit. It’s extremely petty in my eyes. Having to resort to deep-rooted carnal desires to garner viewership. Yes, this isn’t the first time this has happened in anime and it certainly won’t be the last but to see it so blatantly and so often is so depressing. Examples include camera pans that start at Momoko’s chest for no discernible reason, breast psychics that would make Einstein turn in his grave and here’s the kicker, Momoko’s clothes ending up completely shredded to pieces EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE. Sometimes more than once! The character of Momoko herself is a walking hypocrisy; for someone so embarrassed of being half-naked, she doesn’t half show off her assets with little timidity, it’s only when she’s either drenched or in tatters that she gets shocked like she’s not noticed her attire! Momoko’s powers are pretty cool though. Her Possession Fusion involves her combining with her animal companions who have different traits which are useful for certain episodes and each has their own costume, each more revealing the last. Kijigami’s bird-based costume is the least tasteful despite being the most powerful…not much is left to the imagination. Oh boy. The trouble is though is that this trend keeps going and going in every episode. It doesn’t help that a lot of the female cast have ample chests or none at all, in this world it’s all or nothing. It’s such a slap in the face for gender equality and I can’t abide by that. It’s such a crushing blow; crushed underneath Momoko’s frontage. So let’s push them aside and look at the rest of the show.

momo_4When you take the boobs out of the equation, Momo Kyun Sword is a decent magical show. It’s nothing groundbreaking and by no means is it pretty to look at. It’s thoroughly unspectacular and cheap-looking, resorting to iffy character drawings and static shots interspersed with bursts of action. You can find better looking series quite easily which are ninja orientated, the first anime that pops in my head would be Ninja Nonsense. It may not be innocent itself but it’s a far more polished comedy and far better in appearance, go watch that and then compare the two. The animal companions [Inugami, Sarugami and Kijigami] are pretty funny mascots for the show and do point out that Momoko is a total klutz who just happens to be a powerful spirit in human form and they do help carry audience members through episodes if they are clamouring for an exit. The Celestial Maiden Squad are the help for Momoko and are sent from Heaven to assist her. I do find it cute that these guys aren’t adept despite giving off an air of professionalism and quite often they mess things up. Karin, the wind maiden, often screws up her predictions and it’s clear that these guys aren’t that clever; thankfully the main villains Onihime and Enki aren’t much better. I will say that this reaction to being crushed by a boulder [a deadpan “Wow.” from Onihime] did make me laugh and there were some moments that did generate a chuckle from me. Don’t get me wrong though, there are some elements of the story which are so stupid and convenient that they cannot be forgiven, but the flickers of comedy did save this show from being branded as a stinker. It has charm when you remove Momoko, although even then you still get the impression that women are objectified in the extreme.

momo_3I don’t hate Momo Kyun Sword, but I can’t hide my abject disappointment with it. There are flashes of comedy and moments of well-timed satire aimed at magical girl shows, but these are quickly snuffed out by the misogyny and sexualisation of the characters at play. Momoko’s design is pretty cool and peach-themed, but it’s ruined when her bosom is practically hanging out with little holding it back. I also wish the camera didn’t get such a hard-on from them and actually focus on the action and HER FACE. Seriously, it was irritating. It does have its moments when it comes to comedy and some relatively curious plot twists. It can actually be considered fun sometimes! If you can look past the glaring issue I’m having with this show then you might find some mild amusement here, but I would seriously push this to the back of your list of anime to watch. It’s not terrible but it’s not good. Not at all. It’s cheap titillation for young boys. *sigh*

Momo Kyun Sword is available to stream on Crunchyroll.

RATING: CANCEL [A sad and sort of pathetic ploy for male audiences which is thankfully charming enough to be spared being branded a “STINKER”.]

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The Anifile People’s Choice of Winter 2014

Written by MasakoX [@MasakoX]

So it’s been a few weeks since the anime of winter 2014 have mostly come to an end and their seasonal successors for the spring lineup have commenced their runs. These shows may have shuffled off to the annals of anime televisual archives, but that doesn’t mean we’re not quite done with them just yet. Earlier I listed my top five and worst five anime of the season and left polls in each post allowing you, the Anifile reader, to cast your votes for each category. After almost three weeks and over three hundred and fifty votes, we have managed to come up with a list for both the best and worst that the visitors of this website have chosen.

Some of the anime listed are expected, they made a positive or negative impact which caused a widespread consensus amongst anime fans as a whole but there were some surprises as I shall list right now for you. So let’s kick off with the top ten anime!

#10 – Sakura Trick

Sakura Trick surprised everyone with a formula which was refreshingly calm and not as yuri-heavy as it had been predicted. Reviews from other websites applauded the show for its restraint and tasteful delivery and you all have reflected that in your inclusion of it in the top ten.

#9 – Inari, Kon Kon

This touching tale of a girl’s devotion to her local shrine coupled with the adventures of the gods around her managed to warm its way into your hearts as well as mine.

#8 – Nobunaga The Fool

This wacky and yet beautiful looking at an alternative history is both justifiably cool and relevant given the recent fascination with the idea of multiverse theory which has penetrated the mainstream media. History is represented in an eccentric fashion and we’re left slack jawed in shock and awe.

#7 – World Conquest Zvezda Plot

This quirky tale of a little girl wanting to take over the world is pretty cute and has a rather unusual visual aesthetic which was able to interest those bored with the typical dystopian conquest which most tyrannical antagonists usually express.

#6 – Witch Craft Works

Witch Craft Works had this ability to be visually striking, interesting and engaging and was a close second to Wizard Barristers when it came to the best magical anime of the season. The characters may have been a little formulaic but it led to a fun adventure nonetheless.

#5 – D-Frag!

D-Frag! and its bizarre presentation was enough to engage with the audience at large and excite them with its clubhouse atmosphere with the air of gaming at its core. It was enough to remind me a little about The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya because of the rag-tag team present which is both unusual and cohesive. Good choice.

#4 – Nobunagun

Like me, Nobunagun’s different take on the female lead with a penchant for violence and artillery shot it straight into your conscious and leave it wanting more.

#3 – Nisekoi: Fake Love

This is a little higher than I expected but I’m glad to see it here. The story and presentation are commendable with the latter being particular enticing. Chitoge is this year’s Haruhi Suzumiya with the former’s inclusion in the latest smash hit fighter J-Stars Victory Vs. a clear sign that this character is meant for greatnes…at least in the realms of the marketers.

#2 – Space Dandy

It was clear that Space Dandy’s aggressive marketing push in the western audience coupled with its almost simulcast English dub led to the adventures of Dandy becoming engrained in the minds of nearly every active anime fan out there. Whether it was for good or for bad, this space comedy was out of this world!

#1 – Noragami

However, Dandy wasn’t able to seize the top spot in your minds; it wasn’t even close! With almost twice the number of votes, Noragami and its tale of a god left wanting for a new career captured the attention of the vast majority of anime fans. It may have far less marketing than some of the other anime on this list, but it didn’t need it. It had you at hello.


So we had the best as chosen by you, but what was the worst? Let’s get straight to them!

#10 – Nisekoi: Fake Love

As much as I liked this show, I can understand why others might not. Its professional quality and effort that was put into the production masked the fact that the show’s plot is nowhere as robust. It’s a straight romance tale which we’ve all seen before BUT its accessories such as the mafia motif was one welcome addition which brought Nisekoi to the fore…but for some that wasn’t quite enough.

#9 – Sakura Trick

I’m sad that this show is here but again I can understand the reasoning behind it. Sakura Trick is a more tasteful yuri anime, but it doesn’t quite eschew its girl-love tropes. There are people out there that may have found the show boring and somewhat slow-paced or may have disagreed with the story in general. In the show’s defense, this is a slice-of-life story which is meant to be more grounded in reality than some other shows. Having said that, it is a premise which is bound to cause discussion and it was able to both please and annoy.

#8 – Tonari no Seki-kun

Tonari no Seki-kun doesn’t have much going on. It’s a simple short story about two students who are bored in class; well, one bored girl and one bored boy genius who comes up with ingenious ways of killing time. The first few times you watch Seki-kun, you are mesmerised with his daring stunts and wonder how his teacher hasn’t spotted him. After that you kind of know where things are headed and are left feeling bored. This short shelf-life is enough to turn off viewers and earn it a spot on the worst ten list; it just had little staying power.

#7 – Nobunagun

This is a little weird in my opinion. This was my favourite pick of the season for its sheer insanity and awesome premise. However to others it could be considered grating or vapid in that the entire premise is a complete farce in the eyes of historians or those who question the use of historical figures as templates for warriors. Especially Gandhi. Perhaps it’s that that got this show into the worst ten.

#6 – Z/X Ignition

This show annoyed me. It was a very poorly executed ploy to sell a new type of card game with silly monsters, confusing plot points and an irritating main male character. Or female character. I didn’t know who was supposed to be the real character. I wasn’t ignitied by this show; it stalled at first sight.

#5 – Sonico: The Animation

Yeah, this show is pretty vain and pointless. It’s a tie-in to a company’s mascot and music. Take busty girls, gaming, a dash of K-ON! and there you go – a boring and fanservice-laden tale of a girl who doesn’t like her ears, I think? She never takes those headphones off. It occupied my time pondering that notion whilst watching this as I was so bored.

#4 – Space Dandy

This is the major surprise. Why is Space Dandy so high up on the worst list having scored so highly on the best chart? The answer is simple. Its episodic and hugely misogynistic premise is enough to grate on viewers if exposed to it long enough. The formula is repeated a lot of the time and it does get stuck in a rut after a while. For me I found the show to be funny overall despite the questionable attitude towards women but I get why others might have been turned off or tuned out of this show after a while – it gets repetitive.

#3 – Pupa

For such a short show, three minutes per episode, it’s a surprise that it climbed so high up the list. Then you look at the content and understand why. It’s graphically violent and traumatic. Most people tend to steer clear of ultraviolence and gore. This is meant to be a show that rocks the boat and cause controversy and debate. You all were repelled by the blood and guts on display but if you think about it, Pupa served its purpose and got into your head where other shows might drift out and be forgotten; you can’t fault it for that achievement!

#2 – Magical Warfare

Oooh, this show. This show. It was a poor showing and cheapened the idea of a magical academy by resorting to fanservice to attract attention in its first outing as well as looking shoddy. Not only that, but in the second episode, the deus ex machina weapon is not bestowed through some mythical incantation…it’s in a barrel in a supply room. WHAT?! How stupid is that? It clearly angered most of you and I totally get why. Also, I check the stats for the site and my review for the show is one of the most often visited pages on here! Especially when people search to check if the show got cancelled. I must say, I did chuckle a little.

#1 – Recently My Sister Is Unusual

Thank you. You, like me, found this show to be awful and it [like Noragami for the best anime] was the runaway winner [loser?] of this place on the chart. I’m not going to say anymore about this series, I’ve said enough. Check out the link above and find out why.


There you have it. Noragami wins Anifile’s first People’s Choice Award. A deserving win as well as a convincing one. Which anime will win next season? Well, let’s find out in the coming weeks!

GATEWAY: The Voices of Goku [Dragonball Z Part Two]

Full article about how I got into Dragonball Z

This video is about my thoughts and feelings on the voice of Goku in both English and Japanese. I talk about how I felt about each of the five most well-known voices of Goku [Ian Corlett, Peter Kelamis, Sean Schemmel, Kirby Morrow and Masako Nozawa.] as well as show examples and give a quick insight into my vocal performances for Dragonball Z Abridged.

It’s quite a laid-back video so let’s chill and muse about one of anime’s most recognisable characters.


Out of curiosity, which do you think is the best Goku voice? Cast your vote here and leave a comment!