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Since I began reviewing anime in 2010, I have seen the anime world change and become a lot more diverse and prolific; us as a Western audience has access to pretty much every anime that comes out of Japan – whether this is a good thing or not is up to you, the audience. I like to think I make a contribution to anime fans and what they choose to watch and get behind. Anifile began as a small video review show and has now become a fully-fledged website [] which hosts both my written content and visual content. 

Why am I on Patreon?

I wish to restore Anifile to the reach it had and then exceed said reach. I wish to make a platform which provides insightful reviews for those trying to find new anime as well as recommend already established series with a friendly and engaging manner. I used to do video reviews but work meant that I had to curtail their production. With your help, I can resume production of video reviews and dedicate more time to making them with an even better standard than before. I wouldn’t just bring back the video reviews; I’d make other shows such as reaction videos of an anime’s first episode, tasting Japanese snacks and treats, reports from conventions which I attend and whatnot.

To top it off, I’d begin production of a weekly Anifile podcast with guests, quizzes, audience participation and anime news worth talking about. I did a podcast called The Anime Counterpoint back in 2008 which STILL has a cult following and with your help I can bring its essence back in a new, slicker format.

Essentially, Anifile would become more than a review show; it’d become an anime hub and community of its own.

How will my Patreons benefit?

This is where you fellows come in. I wish to establish that I am not setting up a paywall for content and all the content that I produce will continue to be freely accessible. Patreons will be aiding me in expanding the range and overall amount of content that I would produce as well as maintaining the resources that said content will need. With enough support, I’d be able to produce videos on a weekly basis. It’s all about establishing a solid base from which to grow from. is a growing site regularly attracting more than two hundred views a day after only a month of being online.

By becoming a patreon, you will gain access to a special feed where I shall send out updates and quick private vlogs you would have access to detailing what I am planning to review and produce. Not only that, but you’d get a chance to have a say in what I make in the form of you leaving suggestions. This is truly a chance for you to add your two cents to Anifile.

If you pledged enough, you’d get a chance to be a guest on the podcast once it starts broadcasting and help me on one programme. You could also chat with me on Skype in a private chat if you’d rather not go on the air. These are just ideas, ideas which you can help craft.

I hope you can join me in taking Anifile to the next level and if not, then thank you for your consideration and know that I appreciate you all and look forward to working with you in making Anifile a truly great place for anime fans around the world.

Thank you and have a lovely day!

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